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Pregnancy and Pediatric Chiropractic
at Peters Family Chiropractic Center

Pregnancy Chiropractic

Many women don’t realize that regular chiropractic care during pregnancy is safe and can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy and easier delivery. At Peters Family Chiropractic Center, we love helping moms-to-be have the pregnancy and birth they desire!

Many moms come to us after having had a difficult pregnancy previously. They want to do whatever they can to make their current pregnancy easier. Your body changes so much and so quickly during pregnancy. It’s very easy for your pelvis and lower back to get out of alignment. If your pelvis isn’t properly positioned when it’s time to deliver, labor will be more difficult for both you and your baby.

Chiropractic adjustments keep your pelvis where it’s supposed to be, and release uterine restriction, so your baby has room to grow, develop and get into the best position for birth.

Ideally, we like to see our pregnant patients once a week throughout their pregnancy. We use the Webster Technique, and we have pregnancy pillows and a table with a breakaway section for your belly, so you can be completely comfortable during your adjustment.

Pediatric Chiropractic

Even in a natural birth with no medical interventions, a baby’s spine goes through a lot and should be checked soon after birth. Often there is muscle tension and discomfort that manifests in colic, and an inability to turn their head to nurse.

Toddlers spend much of their time falling down, and these little traumas can lead to bigger problems later if they aren’t addressed now. Older kids crash their bikes, jump off of things, and abuse their bodies and spines in the name of fun—and all these things can lead to subluxations.

We are a family practice and love helping kids. We meet them at their level, let them play and explain everything so they’re not concerned. We have kids of our own and know how to build rapport with little ones.

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